Paperwork Details

UpdatedWednesday May 18, 2022 by K Keil.

Paperwork DETAILS:

A complete set of paperwork is required prior to July 31 st.  No paperwork will be accepted until all forms and documents are included. You may NOT make a partial submission.

ABSOLUTELY NO PAPERWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE FIRST PRACTICE.  Paperwork needs to be reviewed by NYF&C and accepted prior to your athlete participating.  No paperwork will be accepted the weekend before practice starts or during any practice.  Cheerleaders and Demonstrators are prohibited from practicing without all paperwork submitted, no exceptions. Please remember we are volunteers and need to prepare for the season.  

Please Read Paperwork Instructions In-Full.  Thank You. 

Medical Clearance:   The Medical Clearance form contained within the NYF&C Player Pack registration paperwork must be completed by a physician.  We cannot accept any other medical forms or photo copies of the completed form.  Do not submit the Resume Play Medical Clearance.  Only submit the Medical Clearance form contained in the AYF Player Pack registration documents.  A blank medical clearance form is attached. 

New Participants:  We are required to collect an Original Birth Certificate with a raised seal. This will be returned to you after our cheer book is validated.  

No paperwork will be accepted until all documents are complete, including Medical Clearance and Report Card.  This is different than prior years.  

To access all registration formsregister your cheerleader at and go all the way through to check-out.  You do not need to pay now, but you do need to complete the checkout process (select pay by check), once you have gone all the way through, a “print forms button” will appear.  Select the print forms and you will be prompted to select the forms to print.  You will need to print the PLAYER PACK.  Please read this entire sheet prior to completing forms. It will save time, and confusion.


  • Participation Tracking and ID Card – Page 1

  • Participation Tracking and ID Card – Page 2 (DO NOT upload a photo of your athlete) Please ensure your medical insurance information is complete and up to date.  Our book will be returned and your cheerleader will not be able to practice if this is not complete.

  • AYF Code of Conduct

  • AYF Waiver and Release of Liability – Minor

  • AYF Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

  • AYF Medical Clearance- We can only accept the AYF Medical Clearance.

  • AYF Emergency Medical Treatment, Consent and Information

  • AYF Imagine Release – Minor

  • Original Raised Seal Birth Certificate and a copy - *NEW Cheerleaders*



  • AYF Resume Participation Medical Clearance

  • AYF Absentee from Competition


There are “Tips for Completing Your Paperwork” attached to the end of this letter.

Plan ahead to avoid the last minute crunch. Complete all of the paperwork.  Report cards will be available via power school at the end of the school year, for a limited time.   

All medical clearance forms must be dated after 1/1/2022. Your child does not have to wait for a physical, if they have had one within the year.  Please speak to your physician.  

We will schedule a drop-off opportunity in June and again in mid-July.     

If you have any questions please email Kristen Keil @

 Tips for completing your paperwork:

  • Select AYF Player Pack. DO NOT COMPLETE the Resume Participation Medical Clearance and Absentee Form. Those are only for post injury return or for missing competitions later in the season.

  • All the forms will pre-populate with most information; please ensure your players information is correct when registering; however, some information such as school, insurance and phone numbers may print old information or information that has changed from last season. Once the forms are printed out, please line through the incorrect information and print the correct information. Or correct the information online and reprint.

  • Page 1 tracking form requests a photo. Do not provide a photo. We will take validation photos 

  • Page 2 tracking form – double check that all information is complete and correct. THE LEAGUE WILL NOT VALIDATE THE CHEER BOOKS IF MEDICAL INSURANCE INFORMATION IS NOT PROVIDED.

  • Code of conduct – only parent signs.

  • Waiver and release of liability – both parent and cheerleader sign form.

  • Mild traumatic brain injury – the fact sheets are located at review. Both parent and cheerleader sign form.

  • Medical Clearance Form – AYF requires the ORIGINAL medical clearance form signed and stamped by the healthcare provider.  Clearance MUST be dated AFTER 01/01/2022.

  • Emergency Medical Treatment – double check all information is complete and correct.

  • Birth Certificate – returning cheerleaders - do not need to provide, we have them on file.

○ NEW CHEERLEADERS – AYF requires a RAISED SEAL birth certificate and a copy. After the books have been validated, we will return the original to you.

  • Report Card – a complete and full copy of the END-OF-YEAR report card for ALL participants. VERY IMPORTANT – as soon as the parent portal opens, please print out the full end of year report card, with comments. The portal generally stays open a very short time. Once the portal is closed, it is a hassle to get a copy from the school during summer hours.  No Screen Pictures will be accepted.   

  • Full Registration Payment must be made by June 1st.

Please understand we are not permitted to allow your child to practice until all paperwork is completed in full. Additionally we can not place the uniform and practice aparel order until registration payment is recieved. Thank you!

Thank you,

Kristen, Amber & Tracy