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Frequently Asked Questions - Cheer 2022

Q: What are the age requirements for the cheer program?

Athletes are eligible to cheer if they are entering 2nd through 8th grade.

Q: What is the cost to register and what does the fee include? When is registration?

Our registration fee for the 2022 season is $475, however some cheerleaders will need to purchase the new Competition Uniforms.

2nd and 3rd grade registrants will only pay the $475 and will be issued the league owned uniforms for this season, these uniforms will have to be returned at the end of the season.

** Girls registering for the Cheer program in grades 4th through 8th grades will need to buy this new unform to participate. They will pay the $475 registration fee plus the cost of the uniform $150. ($625 total)

*** Cheerleaders who competed in Globals Cheer Competition in February already own the new uniform so they will only pay the $475 registration fee.

Athletes will be responsible for purchasing cheer shoes, and additional practice wear. Information on additional items will be shared by your coach and additional cheer apparel will be available for purchase.

Registration ends on June 1st  This allows time for uniform fitting and orders. There is no late registration. 

Please register now and pay by June 1st.

ALL registration is online - .

Q: How and What paperwork needs to be handed in?

All paperwork needs to be handed in by July 31st. Please bring completed paperwork to the Uniform Filling June 11th 9-12 at Newtown Middle School Cafeteria. We will communicate additional paperwork drop off opportunities in June and July -- only complete sets of paperwork will be accepted.  Please refer to the “NYF&C Cheer Forms Process” in the cheer tab of the website for detailed information. Don’t forget medical consent form with the doctor’s signature is required!

Q: When are uniform and practice apparel fittings?

Uniform fittings will be Saturday June 11th from 9-12 at  Newtown Middle school  Cafeteria.  You will receive additional communication on the date and location of the fitting when registration closes on June 1st.

Q: What is the summer practice schedule? 

Cheer practices will begin I early August. For the four weeks of summer, all teams will practice Monday through Thursday (4 days) from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at Taylor Field behind Hawley Elementary School. All practices are mandatory. Please communicate with your Head Coach if you have a scheduled vacation or family commitment. Cheer is a team sport requiring the entire team to be successful.

Q: What is the practice schedule once school starts? 

Once school starts, we will be practicing indoors at NYA. Your practice schedule will depend on your assigned team. Practices are around 2 hours each. The younger teams practice twice per week (2nd through 5th grade). The older teams (6th through 8th grade) typically practice three times per week. Practice schedules will be finalized once teams are formed. All practices are mandatory.  Practices may be added or extended prior to competitions.  

Q: What is the attendance policy?

ALL practices, games, and competitions are mandatory. Cheerleading is a TEAM sport. The entire team relies on each other to learn the routine and to perform it safely.  If you know your cheerleader will miss a practice, game or competition at any time during the season you must inform your coach know ASAP. After 3 unexcused absences, it will be up to the coach and the VP of Cheer as to whether your child will be able to remain on the team.

Q: Do we cheer at games when it rains/snows?

If football is playing a game, we will be cheering. We will cheer in inclement weather. We will modify our cheers and half-time routine as necessary to ensure the safety of the cheerleaders. Football games are held on Sundays both in Newtown and in surrounding towns.  Some travel for away games is necessary. 

Q: How long is the cheer season?

Football games start at the end of August.  We cheer at regular season games and post-season games which continue through November. Our competitions start in October and typically end around Thanksgiving. Our D8 team (2nd and 3rd grade) will be an expedition team and will end in mid-November.  The remaining teams may not attend all competitions, but will still cheer for playoff games. The cheer season will be extended if your team qualifies for the AYC National competition which is in Florida in mid-December.

Q: Will I need my child’s original birth certificate for registration?

Yes, if your child is new to NYF&C cheer program, you will need to provide an original birth certificate with a raised seal AND a copy. Once the birth certificate has been validated by our governing organization in late August, the original will be returned to you and we will keep a validated copy. 

Q: When and where are the competitions?

The 2022 Cheerleading Competition Season:

October 22nd  - Shoreline Locals (Shelton High School)

November 5th  - CT States Hartford (Weaver High School)

November TBD - New England Regionals (11/19/22) Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence Rhode Island 

December 8-11th  - Nationals (Kissimmee, FL)

All cheerleaders are expected to compete unless arrangements are made in advance with your head coach.

Q. Do all teams advance to Nationals? 

No, not all teams advance to Nationals.  Our UPDATED policy for 2022 is:

  • D-8 cheerleaders will be an exhibition team only.  This team will attend Locals and States.  They will not advance to Nationals. Teams must place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at States to qualify for Regionals. Teams must place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at Regionals to qualify for Nationals.
  • D-10 cheerleaders will be a nationally tracked competition team. The D-10 team must place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at States to qualify for Regionals.  To attend Nationals, the D-10 team must place 1st at Regionals.  This is an update from 2021. 
  • D-12 cheerleaders will be a nationally tracked competition team. The D-12 team must place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at States to qualify for Regionals.  To attend Nationals, the D-12 team must place 1st or 2nd at Regionals.  This is an update from 2021. 
  • D-14 cheerleaders will be a nationally tracked competition team. The D-14 team must place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at States to qualify for Regionals.  To attend Nationals, the D-14 team must qualify at Regionals by placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, or receiving a bid. 

*** There is a $150 per athlete fee for teams advancing to Nationals, in addition to the cost of travel (approx $1,200-$1,400)