Registration is OPEN!

UpdatedThursday May 21, 2020 byDiane McCabe.

Afternoon Everyone,

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!

Happy May 1st, only a little over 3 months until the planned start of the 2020 Football & Cheer Season!

As of today, AYF&C as well as Shoreline Youth Football & Cheerleading Conference are still planning on starting the season on Aug 1st. Over the coming weeks, we hope to gain a better understanding of the impact COVID-19 will have on our fall season. As we get closer, the NYF&C board will keep everyone apprised of any changes as soon as we know. Obviously, we will stay in compliance with all state COVID-19 safety protocols.

With that being said, we are moving forward with the registration process as it takes months to plan for a successful football and cheer season. The 2020 Registration is now OPEN!  Please take the time to register now. The NYF&C board has decided to postpone the actual Registration Payment until June 30th. By registering now, you provide us with the information necessary to prepare for a great season. It is important for the NYF&C Board to keep track of and take inventory of all registered players so that we can report up healthy numbers to the Shoreline Youth Football & Cheerleading Conference. The numbers that we report up will help them determine the status of the league as we get even closer to the start of the season.                           

Newtown Youth Football & Cheer prides itself on providing a safe and fun environment for over 250 athletes to learn and hone their skills, in the sports of football and cheer.  Practices commence on August 3rd, with games starting in September. Athletes not only learn skills but make bonds lasting well beyond the sport’s season.  

The Registration Fee for Football is $425. Siblings receive a $25 discount from their registration. The increase in the registration fee is a reflection of both, the increased costs for running our league and decreased opportunities for fundraising. With all of the state and local mandates regarding COVID-19 we as a league are not going to be able to do as much fundraising at the start of the season as we usually do in order to get the season started financially.

The Registration Fee for Cheer is now $305. Siblings receive a $25 discount from their registration.  We will not be providing practice apparel for the 2020 season.  As a result, we are reducing the registration fee.  Unfortunately, the logistics of apparel fittings, social distancing and the necessary lead-time to order items; coupled by the financial implications have led to this decision.  We will still be providing bows and uniforms as we have in prior years!  We will also be providing information on purchasing practicing apparel as the season approaches. For those athletes that have already registered and paid $425, we will be refunding the difference over the next week to two weeks.

As noted, the board will continue to evaluate all things related to registration based on the timing and relevance to the start of the season, and of course direction from the state in-regards to the COVID-19 mandates. 

Please visit the Newtown Youth Football & Cheer website for additional information and please share with your friends and family interested in joining a great Football and Cheer program. 

Register now, don’t have to pay until June 30th!

These uncertain times have interrupted much of our daily life.  However, we are hopeful we will be able to move forward with our season but will follow all town and state requirements.  Thank you for your support! 

Stay healthy and safe!

The Newtown Youth Football & Cheer Board

*Uniforms are property of NYF&C requiring deposit and return at the end of season. 

**Also, if you have ordered a custom jersey for Football payment will be required in full.