D14 Cheerleaders Heading to Nationals!

Newtown Cheer Athletes in Competition

Updated Tuesday November 20, 2018 by Wally Haddick.

NYF&C is proud of all our cheer athletes recently completing competition.

D8 Cheer: Shoreline Locals 2nd; CT States exhibition (non-compete)

D10 Cheer: Shoreline Locals 1st; CT States 3rd (out of 11); New England Regionals 8th out of 13

D12 Cheer: Shoreline Locals 2nd; CT States 4th

D14 is on their way to ORLANDO for competition in AYC Nationals!  

They are requesting help to defray the cost of travel to Orlando.

AYC Nationals are  in Orlando --- competition is a two-day event on December 8th & 9th at Silver Spur Arena.  They will be traveling to Florida for registration and pre-competition practices.

D14 Championship Run: 

Shoreline Locals 1st: CT 
States 1st  
New England Regionals 3rd out of 13 (earned spot to AYC Nationals)

It cost each athlete an estimated $1,000 ($1,500 if they travel with a parent).

The Newtown D14 team is shown in the picture with 3rd place trophy from NE Regionals.

Head Coach: Lynn Lewis
Assistant Coaches: Jennifer Belcolore-Arguello, Diane McCabe, Kathleen Young

Please join us in congratulating our athletes.

The team has set up this GoFundMe page to help with travel expenses.